Best In Class Benefits

Covers Pre & Post hospitalisation Home Hospitalisation & Day Care Treatments

Wide network with no room capping

No limits to single private room across 6500+ hospitals

No Medical Test Requiered

Cover start immediately post payment.

Large Cover at Low Price

OLA Super Top-Up Costs 1/10th the premium of other insurers

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OlaMoney Super Top Up (also known as ManipalCigna ProHealth Group Insurance Policy) is a health insurance plan created exclusively for Ola customers. Super Top Up Insurance adds an additional 20 lakh cover with premiums starting at just Rs 499/. This plan offers comprehensive protection with full suite of benefits such a no room rent capping, coverage for COVID related hospitalization and no medical tests.

Base coverage includes:
-In-patient Hospitalization Expenses Cover
-Day Care Treatment Cover
-Pre-Hospitalization Medical Expenses Coverage upto 60 days
-Post-Hospitalization Medical Expenses Coverage upto 90 days
-Road Ambulance Cover upto Rs 2000
-Domiciliary Hospitalization Cover
-Donor Expenses Cover
-Hospitalization coverage due to accidents from day 1
-Specific illnesses/procedures like hernia, cataract, knee replacement surgery etc will be covered after an initial waiting period of 2 years
-Any condition, ailment or injury which was/were pre-existing will be covered after 2 years.

-Initial medical expenses within the first 30 days after the policy has been issued. However, accidents are covered from day 1
-Insured members undergoing treatment and/or previously suffering from diseases like cancer, kidney related issues, diabetes for more than 15 years before purchasing the policy will be ineligible.
-Cosmetic surgery, intentional self-injury, drug or alcohol abuse, attempted suicide
-Treatments outside India
-Children under the age of 90 days and adults over the age of 65 years

Product offers a set of benefits including:
-Large coverage of 20 lakhs at extremely attractive premiums
-No Room Rent Capping
-Instant Policy Generation
-Coverage for COVID hospitalizations
-6500+ hospitals with cashless facility

Under cashless hospitalization the insured patient does not have to settle the hospitalization expenses at the time of discharge from the hospital apart from the non-admissible expenses. Cashless facility is only available at our network hospital wherein bills will get settled by ManipalCigna.

No, Bariatric surgery cover is not covered in this plan.

A deductible is the amount paid by the customer towards the hospital bill after which the Super Top Up coverage kicks in. The deductible amount can be paid via an existing health insurance or out of pocket.